This challenge to parts machining of micro wire cut fine oil processing

Now Fuji TV quiz show.

Okugi is the introduction of Works.

"Takumi serious too play of the town factory"  as,

  SKD made from hardened material, jigsaw puzzle is   TBS news program of the TV morning was featured in the "hemp-chan".


The company logo, represented by the processing technology

Company logo character OKUGI the, in the mold of the punch, 180X90x25 of SKD11 in the wire cut water processed into steel, one side 5 was processing the die in the clearance of μ. When I was polished in a fit state, character was gone. And of course we'll have a punch unit, the character will come out To clearly.


Module 0.1 gear four interlocking videos

Module 0.1 gear of the 3 we kind creation. Largest gear, outer phi 3.6 number of teeth 34 Like the center hole phi 0.6 , intermediate size gears, outer phi 1.8 number of teeth 16 Like the center hole phi 0.6 , smallest gear, outer phi 0.7 number of teeth 5 single center hole phi 0.1 created with, in each pitch radii 4 has combined a single gear. You can see how that have rotating properly.


Holes in steel ball, the processing can not be the wire processing ,,, other, in the form

 Fai 12Mm of steel ball further processed tried to. It is the work of a wire cut electric discharge machining unique. After processing in a star shape , 90 is rotated degrees, also hole there in the I tried to open.

 Key chain and mobile strap it tries to . Accessories sales site, exhibited at the Creema, sale


High precision, with a pitch, round hole, square hole simultaneous machining

Center in the square hole ( 0.780X1.480 processing), pitch in the up and down 3.502 at, round hole Fai 1.974 in, was processed. Dimensional accuracy of the square hole and the round hole is 1 mu or less, pitch 0.5 following mu precision can be processed in. 0.05 in the tungsten wire oil processing, simultaneous processing and Yes to.

Corner of the square hole R is, 0.03 R has finished in. And a round hole with a high degree of accuracy, angular drilling simultaneous you can. It can be processed more accurately without a tool change.

 Workpiece, Bs material t = 1.7mm is. This technology, the work of the waveguide relationship has to help.


Type of wire line to be used in the oil processing


 Those in line for the processing that is used in the company's wire cut oil processing, the groove SUS t = 0.5 I tried to cut into a plate of.

 From left 3 This is, 0..03 ~ 0.07 in the machining of thin lines, you Yes is processed to minimize the discharge gap is processed in the finishing conditions.

 Discharge gap, one side 1 about μ has finished in. The most narrow groove is 0.03 processed by the wire, 0.032 0.033 is the groove of. Skillfully combining the processing conditions, we achieved this number. Usually, 0.02 does not seem to be not the wire. If you work in this condition, the minimum R are, 0.02 mm is possible.

 Next to it is, 0.05 processing of a wire line is, 0.052 0.053 is the groove of. Minimum R is, 0.03 is also possible is. 0.07 wire - in line, 0.072 0.074 groove of at, most of the people of hair thickness.

 0.1 with a wire, 0.106 0.108 , 0.15 with a wire 0.160 0.190 , 0.20 with a wire 0.210 0.250 is. 

 0.1 In the above line, 1 St conditions, 2 Nd by processing under the conditions, changes in the thickness of the groove .

 In particular, 0.03 micro-machining of thin lines of, not doing a lot of companies.

The Company, 20 for the past years, now so to the Citizen electron work, a lot of experience in the fine line processing, track record, there is processing data.


Wire machining of the waveguide relationship

 Wire cut oil processing in the normal processing with a very good surface accuracy compared to the cooling process of the water you can.

 In a particularly long horns drilling performs pilot hole with small hole machine, by performing a wire working fine line, the surface can be obtained close to the mirror surface . Products transferred to a photo, a length of 70mm are over, and processing the through-hole, we finish by wire oil processing. For the sake of clarity, we have cut so as to be visible on the left side of the face.

 When numerically speaking, 0.1S as in, the water processing 0.2s good when compared to I think that can be seen. 

 Also a central square hole, the positional relationship between the circular hole of the peripheral, can be machined with machine precision. In the electrical discharge machining to process while melting the material, you get the position deviation due to some of the plastic deformation, but, 1Myu precision machining in the following pitch is possible.


Even ornaments processing, challenge

 A necklace and earrings made a wire cut. Even one of the necklace have made from 24 pieces. The bullion of gold and silver of 0.3mm was processed in the jigsaw shape, stuck with adhesive tape on the plate, there is fitted in the frame.
 Small earrings also have been designed in the same way. I will help the experts that have a close decoration to work, I tried to cute merchandise.
 Because it very elaborate, cost too much, no longer in the article considering the very sale. It is beautiful, but too time-consuming. In Creema, you Yes on display.
 In such exhibition, and that we are seeing.


Contact, the production of products of semiconductor relations

 The main processing of the wire cut oil processing being performed in the Company, production of contact parts, contact the like of the semiconductor components there is a precision parts machining.

 The advantage of wire cut oil processing, surface accuracy is good, good dimensional accuracy, processing the rust is not an iron-based material will include terms such as.

 Weakness, take time to work is the point. When the time-consuming, will affect the cost.

 In order to manufacture efficiently a fine product, to many to create a jig in-house, corresponding to various processing it has been.

Also from such processing conditions due to many years of experience, more processing and the narrow groove, corresponding to the processing of small R shape you.

 A variety of fine processing is now an inquiry from home and abroad will come.

 Post-processing of gold-plated, PdCo also corresponds to the plating, partial polishing process also has bulk orders. 

Exhibitions and, put the articles get picked up the small and medium-sized enterprises in many books, it takes also means to get easier to find more in the net and the like.


Measuring the position of the groove, slit in its center

 Hole in the top, Fai0.7 This hole is. 0.02 concave of 2 present there, during which 0.07 of the product was processed in mm in the middle, 0.04 groove of I made. Measure the position under a microscope measuring instruments, was processed.

 This photo, 50 is an enlarged view of the times. It was a very processing.

 Since it is a small company, it is good at small parts processing.


Work of medical parts processing

 Recently request of the fine processing of health care has come.

 How to use but do not know , slotted processing or the like of the distal end portion of the forceps to enter the distal end of the endoscope, 0.03 wire 0.04 processing to make the following groove is the main. The carbide of the surface, processing a cross-cut of the mountain, the tip of the forceps There is also a product to be used for.

 Of small parts is required at the time of fitting color also, come to order. The outer shape is about φ1.3 , the wall thickness of 0.04 have been created in. This processing is also 0.05 we are in the wire. Outer shape φ2.0 in the mm, hole 3 products that are vacant or are also processed have.

 SUS of Fai 0.5 to the pipe, cut processed into semi-circular and Yes to. The processing to suppress the occurrence of burrs to a minimum, using a micro-scope, wire cut oil processing was done in.

 So are at a major, I think it can be seen that the small parts. Of course accuracy 5 or less of accuracy micron guarantees. In small parts, it will cause the processing revolution. 

 Wire cut oil processing I think that it is the product of unique.




Fine V grooves

It is possible to process a variety of test piece
A cut of the slit-shaped in part of a sphere, or change the depth from about 0.05mm, performs a process of changing the width, and the creation of such destruction test parts.
Photos of the products are enlarged photograph obtained by processing the V groove of 0.19 width by 0.03 wire.
Because done in oil wire processing, it can be processed as long as most of the metal.

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